As auto sales begin to plateau, how do dealers keep up their pace?

As auto sales begin to plateau, how do dealers keep up their pace?

Your DMS is one place to look, but not the ONLY place!

New vehicle sales national growth is predicted to level off in the near future (we are seeing it as EARLY is May 2016!).  This means that the natural growth that dealerships have enjoyed over the last 5 or 6 years will also fade.  This begs the question – how can I continue my store’s sales growth amid a cooling market?

The answer is conquest!  Buyers who’ve NEVER purchased at your dealership before, and maybe haven’t even looked at your BRAND in the past.

As ALL manufacturers step up their games – introducing new technology with every model year, and drastically shortening model life-cycles – brand loyalty is fading, and defection is growing.

I think dealerships as a whole are “Pretty Good” at marketing to their current sales and service customers, but I’m sure EVERY dealer manager reading this post can say “we aren’t doing enough” or “we could be better.”

What about the buyers who’ve never set foot on the property – never purchased, or even serviced their vehicle from you.  How do you reach those buyers who are close to pulling the trigger?

I have the answer here at CityTwist and Conquest Automotive.  We partner with RL Polk and IHS Automotive to utilize their “In Market Purchase Predictor” to identify these buyers who are 40%-60% likely to be driving a new vehicle in the next few months.

We match that database with our 125 million fully opt-in email database to reach these buyers!  We actually surround these buyers during this ‘sweet spot’ in their buying cycle.

Now – I can speak from experience. I’ve got 18 years of experience on the retail side, most recently as a BDC Director for an 18-franchise dealership group in South Florida.  We used CityTwist for our domestic, volume import, and luxury import brands – with great success.

If you can carve 10 minutes out of your day, I’ll walk you through the program, AND show you REAL results from our dealer partners across the country.

Polk JUST released their summer buyers list – so the time to act is NOW!

You can reach me directly at 561-314-2693, or at

Happy Selling!

Troy Germain
Automotive Digital Marketing & Lead Handling Specialist

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