Guaranteed Car Sales – REALLY

Guaranteed Car Sales – REALLY

Take your head out of the clouds. How can any company guarantee a specific amount of car sales? Let’s be realistic, that is not truly possible. There are too many factors that prove this wrong (The salesperson has a bad day, weather, lack of inventory, the customer cannot get financed) just name a few.

There are companies that do guarantee sales. I have found that these companies suppress everyone who is in the dealerships database from their list of what they call prospects or potential buyers. These companies will then take claim to every sale from there on. That is absolutely absurd. This is the same way that companies guarantee hits to your website, they just set their Bots to display that specific about of traffic.

Brian Pasch recently released a report indicating the Opaque methods some companies are using to misguide auto dealerships. I suggest doing some research before you spend any of your budgets.

Polk (IHS) is a company which I consider 2nd to none for the best prospect of buyers who are in the market to purchase or lease a vehicle.

There are also companies that claim to be partnered with Polk. I suggest checking Polk’s website to verify this. At the end of the day, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Brian Pasch’s Report link:

Polk’s Partners Page:

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Written by:

Anthony Carbone MBA
Sr. Account Manager\ Conquest Automotive