Your Cars – Our Buyers

Your Cars – Our Buyers

As with all marketing, dealerships are forced to wait for Buyers to contact them.  They advertise on TV, Radio, Bill Boards, Internet and more. This is like throwing darts at the wall and hope that more stick than fall to the floor. This is time and money consumed and not knowing the actual results.

Suppose there was a way to actually have the list of Opt-In Buyers that are coming off a lease or in their buying cycle in your hand. With this opportunity you would actually same time and money, because you would be contacting buyers directly instead of waiting for them to find you.

Being the partner company of Polk we have the list of Opt-In Buyers for any given dealership nationwide. We have their name, physical address, and email address because these buyers have Opt-In looking for offers from businesses.

I can run the count of Buyers for any dealership at No Charge. This gives the dealership the option to pick and choose the Buyers they would like to contact with their offers, and remove the ones they don’t. If you are interested in obtaining additional information or would like a count of Buyers for your dealership contact me anytime.

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Anthony Carbone MBA

Senior Account Executive

Conquest Automotive

(561) 314-2718