Robot Traffic at its BEST

Robot Traffic at its BEST

Brian Pasch from PCG recently released a report explaining and showing what to look for in Google Analytics for Bot Traffic, and yet some dealerships are still wasting their money on what appears to be fraudulent traffic. Link to Brian’s report:

I have been analyzing Google Analytics for a few years now. In that period of time I have noticed that there is no other companies which brings more web traffic to a site than Google. There have been many companies that claim that they come close but never reach that goal, until now. An associate of mine Mark Morin spoke with a dealership that is using an email company that not only matches Google’s traffic, but surpasses it. The email company launched 100k emails and by the 22nd day over 50k of the targeted market clicked to the dealerships website. In my opinion this is Bot Traffic at its Best. Decide for yourself, review Mark’s article which contains in depth details.

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Written by:

Anthony Carbone MBA
Sr. Account Manager\ Conquest Automotive