Fight Back Against Bot Traffic

Fight Back Against Bot Traffic

Amidst all the Conquest Email Marketing Companies out there, who can you trust?

Bot traffic is finally being exposed by companies such as Pasch Consulting Group (PCG) of New Jersey and California-based Orbee. Dealers who would like to authenticate the details of their analytics should ask their marketing company or vendor to sign a quality of service guarantee. If they give excuses or refuse to sign one, I would reconsider doing business with them.

PCG and Orbee’s recently published research provides a checklist for inspecting your website traffic for bot activity. This checklist can be found on page 10 of the report titled Orbee Uncovers Conquest Bot Traffic.

CityTwist’s Conquest Automotive offers a signed quality of service guarantee for any company they work with. If you would like additional information, you can contact Anthony Carbone at (561) 314-2718

 Written by:
Anthony Carbone MBA
Sr. Account Manager\ Conquest Automotive