Our Technological Advance

Our Technological Advance

Conquest Automotive’s core competency is our ability to get our client’s message to the right buyer at the right time. In order to make this possible, we’ve created a proprietary blend of our first-party data and the IHS Purchase Predictor® that makes us stand out from the competition. With this major advantage, our industry-leading campaigns connect active car shoppers to your dealership at the lowest marketing cost per car sold. We are driven by results and our main goal is to make our customers successful in a time-efficient and cost-efficient way. We want to bring the best results for our customers while streamlining the marketing process.

Our technology enables us to reduce marketing waste and shorten the car buying-funnel.  By using our proprietary blend of data, we are able to target only the 1-3% of the population that is in the market to buy a car. After launch of your campaign, we monitor, segment, and retarget only engaged car buyers. By removing the prospecting phase and redirecting ad waste from the top of the funnel, we target the most potential buyers driving them further down the funnel.

Once we have removed the marketing waste, we are left with a highly-targeted and results-driven campaign. As a result, dealer’s will start their campaign with a tailored custom audience heavily saturated with car buyers.  Our capability to eliminate this marketing waste is why we are a leader in conquest marketing. Along with our proprietary technology and special relationship with IHS Purchase Predictor® we are able to eliminate unnecessary ad spend and concentrate your campaign’s budget on only active car buyers in your local market area.

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