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Since 2003, Conquest Automotive’s core competency has been our ability to get your message to the right buyer at the right time by matching our world class technology with our robust and dynamic opt-in database. Consumers only buy cars every few years...Timing is everything when conquesting. Conquest Automotive has been perfecting this for auto dealers for over 20 years and remains their first choice when in need of new customers.

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“The CityTwist campaigns that we inspected generated lead form submission and phone calls.” stated Brian Pasch, founder and CEO of PCG Companies a leading digital advertising expert and respected automotive industry consultant. Pasch recently released the PCG Research Report on Email Conquest Marketing for the automotive industry.

IHS Spectrum Excellence Award

This prestigious industry award program spotlights organizations and individuals around the world who make critical decisions and achieve their business goals through innovative use of information, analytics and expertise.

Client Testimonials

Over the past year, Lithia Motors has incorporated Conquest Automotive’s email solution into its marketing plan. Partnering together with Conquest Automotive, Lithia has been able to show a significant lift in unique conquest sales with a strong return on investment. By emailing “in-market” consumers, Conquest Automotive has developed a low-cost powerful tool that reaches a demographic responding less and less to traditional media. Never before has Lithia had in its marketing arsenal a strategic email tool as we do now with Conquest Automotive. The vast lists of potential new customers are only limited to a dealership’s marketing budget.

David Powell Direct Marketing Manager, Lithia Motors

I can't even begin to thank you guys at Conquest Automotive for the great year so far. We have a cost per vehicle sold of under $200.00 that makes our ROI the best with any other company's we are currently using. I look forward to a fantastic 2014 with you guys leading the partnership for all my stores. Keep up the good work and let's keep breaking records next year!

Michael Visocky Executive Manager, Germain Motor Company

Tell your team a big thank you for all the help. I know I can be a royal pain in the butt sometimes. You and I have worked together now for a pretty good bit of time and have enjoyed amazing success with these campaigns both at Group 1, and now at this smaller store, in a smaller market, in rural Alabama. I always told you there was a method to my madness but it wouldn't happen without you, Gabbi, and the rest of your staff. Your team is the best in the business.

Joe Cucci Digital Sales & Marketing Director Chuck Stevens Automotive Group

Conquest Automotive delivers consumers that are at the bottom of the purchase funnel. Their ROI report goes beyond open and click-through rates and shows our clients what they actually sold off the campaign. In the convoluted digital universe, this transparency is refreshing. Because of the great results our clients have received with Conquest Automotive, we now include them in all our media plans.

Dan Kissell EVP Automotive, Zimmerman Advertising

The Fox Dealerships have been a very satisfied Conquest Automotive customer for the past 2 ½ years. As the Marketing Director at Fox Dealerships for the past 18 years, I would rank Conquest Automotive as one of the best companies I have worked with. The services they provide combined with the professionalism of the staff are excellent.Most satisfying have been the results: On a $3,000 investment using their Polk E-Mail Program, we recorded 51 sales. The program data is well managed and certifiable so that we are able to determine our R.O.I. easily. I would recommend Conquest Automotive to any company interested in enhancing their sales. It certainly has worked for us.

Jo Pipher Marketing Director, Fox Dealerships

We have been a Conquest Automotive customer since September 2010 and have consistently seen around a 10% increase in new customers every month. Our cost per car sold averages around $135! The ability to target ‘in-market buyers,’ via email and to reach consumers that live in specific zip codes around my dealership, provides me with comfort knowing that I am advertising to the right consumer at the right time. The overall experience has been great… In fact, we recently signed a deal with Conquest Automotive for 12 months and we increased our monthly spend by over 25%. Keep up the good work, Conquest Automotive team!

Doug Sweeney Dealer Principle, Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC

Conquest Automotive has proved to be a valuable and cost-effective solution for conquest marketing. With today’s technology, being able to track how effective any particular marketing piece is necessary and with this solution we are able to do this. Conquest Automotive is able to provide outstanding metrics for each and every email that is sent and returns higher than average results. From developing the creative for the email to providing excellent customer support, Conquest Automotive is always looking out for our best interest and it will be a product that is used by our dealership for a very long time.

Richard Muir Comm. Marketing Manager, Prestige Motors

Like many Managers in the automotive business, I have ``heard it all`` and am a very difficult sale. It took Al many months to earn my business ... he never gave up. Thanks to Al Matani from CityTwist and all of his hard work and persistence, our campaign results have been fantastic! Al has delivered on everything he promised and has been a solid professional throughout our relationship. I would recommend Al to anyone looking for solid performance to improve your business.

Jay Wedick General Manager, Bayside Automotive Group Kia of Waldorf
Meet our founder Lou Nobilé

Lou Nobilé is the driving force behind CityTwist’s industry leading products and services. Lou founded CityTwist in 2003 after serving Equifax, Inc as Vice President of Technology. Prior to Equifax, Lou’s innovations at Naviant, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer led to increased revenue and expanded product lines raising the company from a $20 million valuation to a $135 million sale during his 18-month tenure.

Previously, Lou held key executive positions within several marketing and technology companies including Data Dynamics and Lexis-Nexis. His experience in business, marketing and technology drive the dominance and competitive advantage inherent in all CityTwist products.

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