1. IHS Markit Identified “In-Market” Buyers

Conquest Automotive has developed a strong partnership with IHS Markit which has enabled us to identify and target active, “In-Market” buyers within your PMA. By targeting the top 25% of these prime buyers, we optimize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Conquest Automotive’s dynamic opt-in email database and consumer activity models, coupled with the integration of the IHS Markit Purchase Predictor, allows us to offer our customers one of the most highly- targeted conquest solutions in the industry.

2. Our Digital Response Score

Our database of 125 million opt in consumers represents 57% of the U.S. Internet community, or 1/3 of U.S. households. At Conquest Automotive, we have been analyzing the online behaviors and consumer trends from our database for over 20 years. Based upon our proprietary activity models, we match these consumers against the IHS Markit database, and assign them a Digital Response Score. Using these scores, we are able to target only those consumers who are ready to buy.

3. Customizable Targeting By Zip Code

Our highly-targeted list of buyers allows dealers to select their own customized target market. No matter what class, brand, or zip code you choose to target, we customize those consumers’ monthly incentives, driving high-volume and quality traffic to your website, and buyers to your dealership.

4. Custom Creative Development

Customize your message to connect with consumers. Our market-savvy design team takes your monthly incentives and creates a campaign for your dealership that combines striking visual layouts with a compelling call to action. After each deployment, your Conquest Automotive team reviews creative aspects of your campaign to ensure maximum performance.

5. Digital Engagement Program

Comprised of a host of reactive digital marketing strategies developed to dynamically surround the IHS Markit identified “In-Market” buyers during their buying process. Conquest Automotive has been analyzing the online behaviors of our database for the over 20 years. Using this intelligence we know where, when and how to target these buyers. This reactive marketing strategy developed by Conquest Automotive has proven to significantly enhance the consumer’s engagement, frequency and quality of traffic spent on the dealerships website.

6. 3rd Party Transparent Tracking

Conquest Automotive provides transparent 3rd party tracking of your campaign from start to finish. Your campaign drives conquest buyers directly to your website inventory pages, where you can verify the quantity and quality of traffic. After each deployment, highly trained customer service specialists assist you in reviewing your analytics reporting. In addition to website metrics, Google Analytics provides insight into how prospective new buyers shop your site.

7. Verified Sales Reports From IHS Markit

Verify sales from your Conquest Automotive campaign with analyses from our strategic partner, IHS Markit. At regular intervals, IHS Markit Campaign Evaluation Reports will match email recipients to DMV registrations to report the number of cars sold during your campaign. This back-end data verifies the number of total sales generated from the Conquest Automotive campaign, which enables you to determine your True ROI.

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